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Published! Dabble Magazine (Fall 2011)

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Elements of Beauty

And that’s the name of my friend’s make-up business “Elements of Beauty“.

So here’s a quick anecdote…when Michelle and I moved into our very first apartment (after one of the most wonderful days of our lives: our wedding!), the inaugural laundry day had finally come! In excitement, we went to the laundry room with our three-bag laundry sorter on wheels (wedding gift…thanks Tita Linda!) and liquid detergent and fabric softener and a bunch of quarters and loonies, only to find out that the term “coin laundry” apparently was so passé. We hadn’t realized that the washers and dryers were now activated by a laundry-credit-card system! The rental office forgot to include it in our welcome package. As we proceeded back to our apartment, heads hung low, our Laundry Saint had just walked out to the elevator on his way out to walk his cute dogs. He caught our mopey faces and had offered to lend us his laundry card! Pouts turned immediately into smiles and from that moment on, we had just made friendships with two wonderful neighbours, Jeremy and Bella, that would last us past the time of our stay in our very first dwelling!

Although we had now moved on from there, it was providence that we had met them. Bella has her own make-up business and remembered that I do photography. Thanks to her, I had the opportunity of working in a studio with some lovely ladies who were chosen to pose for her portfolio. As beautiful as the models were already, Bella showed her diverse creativity as she applied different make-up styles on each them. The photoshoot was fun: great snacks, great music and great atmosphere! The models were natural and very open to how Michelle and I directed them to pose. Arranging the softboxes was challenging but in the end, it was quite a learning experience. So, without further ado, I give you the models of Elements of Beauty: Shanel, Ashley, Vanessa, Nataliya, Stephanie, Emma and Georgia!

And some fun group shots!

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