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This Blog Has Moved…

…and will soon cease to exist!

I am happy to announce the new design of mddphotography‘s website. Now, all blog posts will be seen right from the front page. Since this is the first launch, I’ll be honest to say that future upgrades will take place as time goes on, only to assist in the experience of taking in the images displayed.

NOTE: The new site is best displayed with Firefox (MAC and PC), Safari and Internet Explorer 9 (and future versions).

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Zbogom, Babica Marija † (1921–2010) !

It was my honour to have met my wife’s grandmother, Grandma (“Babica”=ba-beet-sa, in Slovenian) Marija Majcen, last year in May 2009 during our trip to Slovenia (where my wife’s father is from). Unfortunately, we had received news this morning of her passing as she had dealt with a stroke, confined to a nursing home for the past 12 years. She was a strong woman, though. Having similarities to my mom’s mom, being a farmer’s wife, she would have rather been on the farm, breathing the fresh air, attending the fields and taking care of the livestock.

The lush greens of Ptuj, Slovenia where she grew up and raised her family.

I remember one day when we took her for a stroll in the city of Ptuj, we were headed to visit the church above. Coming up the road towards the church, we decided to get there by walking on the sidewalk (where you see the back of my father-in-law’s head), the same side as where the church was. Makes sense right? However, she was insistent of being on the opposite side! We thought she was just being stubborn but we soon found out who was the real stubborn one(s)…US! The side walk had ended just before the church (where you see those green umbrellas) and we had to cross the street or we would have been on the road and in the line of cars. She ended up smugly laughing in our shame. Her memory never failed!

Despite being in the nursing home, she was full of life and a devoted lady, always praying for the best for her children and grandchildren. This has been my tribute to this wonderful woman…for without her existence, I would not have met my wife. We’re going to miss you Babica Marija! We love you!

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