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HT + IE: Married!

So after the wedding day, what do you do with your dress, Brides? Get it cleaned, curated and sealed in a box until a milestone anniversary, perhaps? Well, Heather is one of three brides that I know who got to wear their dress at least twice…talk about getting mileage out of it, eh? And she wore it beautifully, as her and Ian had celebrated their wedding with a second reception in Scarborough. Heather and I know each other from the U of T Gospel Choir; a fellow singer-sister-in-Christ! It was so gracious of them to have asked me to capture their local wedding reception. Although I wasn’t at their wedding in England, I could see how blessed it went just by seeing them together back in Canada, now as a married couple. You could certainly feel the love! It was a fun evening at Faith Baptist Church in Scarborough…some praise & worship, trivia about the bride and the groom, slideshows of the wedding ceremony and of course, food! :0) Please enjoy these snappies of Ian, looking dapper, and Heather, enjoying the wondrous event with all her family andĀ friends in town.


The Chin Familyshoot

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LK + JR : Married!

So now that the personal announcements are done…back to work!

It was such an honour to have photographed Laura and James’ wedding! Two years ago, Laura had been Michelle’s bridesmaid at our wedding and this time, it was Michelle’s honour to return the favour. Because of that, I got to hang with tha girls bright and early that Saturday morning! Capturing them getting their hair done and then make-up was … fun … I’m a guy, okay?! But seriously, we had a blast…thank goodness for the fruit tray! The day called for rain and it only drizzled by noon. It was a blessing that not a single drop fell the rest of the day. From a beautiful, intimate ceremony at Runnymede United Church, the celebration continued on at the Boulevard Club along the lakeshore. The docks made for a beautiful and original backdrop for the bridal party…and no one got pushed “overboard”, thank goodness! All in all, it was a wonderful and joyous celebration. Here are some highlights [but if you’re intrigued for more, click HERE].

If you’re intrigued for more, click HERE.

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